About Me

My name is Traci Eaton, I am a licensed massage therapist. I received my diploma from Dayton School of Medical Massage in May 2011 and my license from the State Medical Board of Ohio in July 2011. I am also an AMTA member since 2011 and certified in pregnancy massage since 2013.

I have worked in pain clinics, spas, resorts, and massage clinics. I am currently working for Clark Chiropractic in Englewood Ohio since March of 2014.

I rent a massage studio which I practice out of inside At Peace Massage and Wellness in Dayton Ohio. I opened Trace’s Massage Therapy LLC in January of 2015 and am the sole owner and operator.

I got into massage by accident. I was a State Tested Nurse Aide and was planning on going back to school to become a RN. When I injured my back due to lifting as an aide it seemed doctors didn’t want to help me because I was so young. I then found massage as a therapy which helped me heal from my back injury tremendously. I felt I could help people more from massage therapy than I could as a nurse. From there I enrolled into Dayton School of Medical Massage and a year later received my diploma and license.

I treat an array of conditions. I specialize in medical massage treating conditions such as : rotator cuff tears, shin splints, muscle strains from injury, joint sprains from injury, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches/ migraines, sinus problems, COPD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress, anxiety, stiff muscles, endometriosis, PCOS, pregnancy, infertility and that’s just a few.

My modalities include Swedish/ Relaxation Massage, Medical Massage, Pregnancy or Prenatal massage, fertility massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. I also do corporate chair massage where I travel to a company and perform 3-5 minute chair massage on the employees. My prices range from $30.00-$140.00 depending on time and the modality.

My passion really lies with medical massage as is the reason I am a massage therapist. I am also very passionate about pregnancy massage and fertility my massage due to I have struggled with Endometriosis for 15 years. I know the pain it causes and the fear of never having children. If I can help women over come the pain from diseases like this and PCOS while increasing their chances of conception it is with my whole heart.

Every client I see will have forms to fill out on their first visit so it makes it easier to figure out the main complaint. You will then consult about any issues with me and we will design a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. At the end of each session I will then recommend when you should come back for your next treatment which will vary depending on your condition.

I offer several plans to help financially, but do not bill your insurance. You can submit any receipts and notes for possible reimbursement to your insurance company which they will require you have a prescrition from your physician. I offer a referral program where you can receive up to $20 off a hour massage based on any clients you send me. I have a military program which is $10 off any massage service, a loyalty program which you will receive $10 off one hour services if you come back at least once every month. After 5 one hour massages or 300 minutes with in 5 months you can receive a 30 minute relaxation massage; if you'd like a full hour keep the free half hour and after 10 one hour masages or 600 minutes you'll receive a free full one hour relaxation massage. This must be within 10 consecutive months in order to redeem your loyalty massages. I also sell gift certificates and massage packages.

If you have any questions or would like more information or to book an appointment you can send me a message via the website under contact me or call (937) 450-7271.