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Jan 30, 2016
"Great way to end a stress full work week! Deep tissue massage works out muscle pain and tightness amazingly "
Jan 17, 2016
Mallory S
"One of the best massages I've ever had and I used to get massages monthly! Highly recommended! Can't wait for my next appointment! "
Dec 30, 2015
Great massage!
"Traci is very professional, understanding and caring. Stepped me through the whole treatment and worked out some pain I has for years. I intend to go back! Thank you! "
Dec 15,2015
"Traci is great! She knows what she is doing and she gets to areas you don't even know you have a problem. Traci has help relief a lot of pain in my feet and hips. She has the touch for being a massage therapist."
Nov 25 2015
"Traci does a wonderful job. She get rid of knicks in my shoulder that I didn't even know existed! She is very good at focusing on problem areas and adapting new ways to better relieve stress and pain. "